Sedona UFO & Vortex Tour
Spot UFO's in the Sedona night sky using Military grade night vision goggles!

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Oak Creek Canyon is just a few miles uphill from Sedona, which means you are just a few miles from all the amazing tours and things to do in Sedona! Expereince the red rocks on a jeep tour or from above in a hot air baloon ride. There are so many ways to see Sedona, not one better than the other. Many people visit Sedona because of it's renowned vortext energy. Some Sedona tours include vortex tours; guided meditation or yoga on the red rocks; guided hiking to a vortex; and several combinations thereof! If you have something in mind, many Sedona tour guides are happy to accommodate or reccommend a tour itinerary that matches your ideal itineray. Another great, rare tour is the Sedona UFO tour! Sedona is known for its paranormal activities, which can be expected of a place that strives to be in tune with the cosmic energy.

If metaphysics isn't your thing, Sedona still has more than enough to offer you in ways of beauty and adventure. Sedona is a mountain biking hub of the Southwest and is getting more popular by the year. Rock climbig, canyoneering, hiking, camping, trail running, fishing, photography and so many other activities are now being offered as tours. There are so many ways to enjoy Sedona - book a tour to get started and your eyes will be opened to several more opportunities surrounding you. There's always something to do here, and in your down time, swim in the creek, pick blackberries, take pictures and take in this truely beautiful and special place.

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