Hotels and Inns located in the heart of Sedona's Oak Creek Canyon.

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Oak Creek Canyon Hotels, Resorts & Inns

Sedona Oak Creek Canyon hotels and resorts tend to share the smaller, more intimate feel as the cabins and bed and breakfasts. You won't be finding any big chain name hotels along the creek! Instead, Oak Creek hotels offer boutique hospitality choices that proudly offer upscale hotel amenities such as hot tubs, restaurants and concierge service. Some of the Oak Creek hotels offer both traditional guest rooms as well as little creekside cabins, villas or cottages. Staying at an Oak Creek Canyon hotel that offers creekside cabins and cottages allows guests the ability to experience a bit more of the intimate, rustic ambiance of Oak Creek, while still benefiting for the perks and amenities of staying at a hotel. There are Oak Creek hotels and resorts that provide excellent options for special requests such as tailored romantic vacations, pet-friendly accommodations and wedding venue services.

Oak Creek Canyon hotels are thoughtfully well-appointed and provide their guests with high levels of comfort and luxury. Because there are only a few hotels actually located in Oak Creek Canyon itself, it is a privilege to host guests who choose to stay in Oak Creek rather than Sedona. Hotels and resorts in Oak Creek Canyon tend to have a more rustic, wooded hideaway feel, which is uncommon in Arizona in comparison to the Southwest, or even more specifically, Sedona red rock aesthetic. Depending on your desired level of luxury, there is an Oak Creek Canyon hotel to fit your needs. Book your next stay near Sedona in Oak Creek Canyon, and experience a rare, unexpected and beautiful side of Arizona less known to travelers outside of the state.

Popular Cabins to Rent

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Hotels in Oak Creek Canyon