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Outdoor Recreation at Oak Creek Canyon

You've found the perfect place to stay in Sedona Oak Creek Canyon and now you're ready to go have an adventure! No matter what time of year you're visiting, there's always an outdoor recreational activity to do. Oak Creek's elevation of 6,500 ft and wooded landscape means cool, shady summers in comparison to Phoenix temperatures; and warmer, moderate and enjoyable winters compared to Flagstaff. People from all over the state escape to Oak Creek Canyon throughout the year to get a bit of outdoors time.


Hiking in Oak Creek Canyon

You don't need a hiking trail map when exploring Oak Creek Canyon. All you have to do is get down to the creek and start playing! Oak Creek Canyon is traveled enough that there is almost a continuous foot path along the whole creek. But if you do want to go on a seriously beautiful hike, try the West Fork Hike. It's one of Sedona's best outdoor recreations!

hiking in Oak Creek
  • Trailhead: Call of the Canyon
  • Length: 6 miles roundtrip
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Wilderness Area: Red Rock / Secret Mountain Wilderness
  • Directions to Trailhead:

    From Sedona, drive north on SR 89A between mile markers 384 and 385. Watch for the "Call of the Canyon Day Use Area" sign on the left side of the road.

    Trail Description:

    From the trailhead, follow the signs and rock hop across Oak Creek. This flat trail meanders through the lush vegetation of Oak Creek Canyon, which is shady and very pretty. The canyon becomes narrow at some points, and the walls of the canyon tower hundreds of feet above you. The trail is three miles long, with 11 creek crossings, but it is possible to go all the way up to FR 231 by wading and swimming through the pools in the upper canyon (roughly a 14 mile hike).

    Return the way you came.


    Fishing in Oak Creek Canyon

    Whether you've always wanted to try fly fishing, or you fly fish on a regular basis, Oak Creek is one of the most spectacular places to try! Expert guides like the ones at Sedona Fly Fishing Adventures will pick you up at your hotel, outfit you with all the gear you'll need, lead you to the some of the best catch-and-release spots in Oak Creek Canyon and provide expert instruction. You'll be hooking and landing fish in no time, and all amidst one of the most spectacular backdrops Arizona has to offer.


    The Oak Creek river is stocked with rainbow trout and is a fine place for the whole family to catch some dinner. Not a true fisherman but want the kids to do a little fishing with a guaranteed catch? No one goes to bed without dinner if you fish at the Sedona Rainbow Trout Farm! Along Highway 89A through Oak Creek Canyon is a rainbow trout hatchery, where the whole family can go fishing with minimal time and gear investment. The hatchery provides everything you need to go fishing, and they'll even clean the fish right there for you after you make your big catch. Bring your side fixing's because there is a grill and picnic tables for your use as well.



    Swimming in Oak Creek Canyon

    cliff diving at Grasshopper Point

    People swim in the water all along Oak Creek. If there's water, you can play in it. Just be aware of other swimmers, other people fishing, and especially the current of the water. Depending on the time of year and the part of the river you are interacting with will greatly determine how deep and how strong the water currents are.

    Most people enjoy Slide Rock State Park and Grasshopper point. These two swimming holes offer both water deep enough to swim in and well as cliff dive. Slide Rock is one of the main attractions of Oak Creek Canyon. This state park can be described as Nature's water park. Mossy rocks and consistently flowing water create natural water slides for people to ride. We highly recommend wearing shorts that can get moss stained and even ripped. Though the rocks are extremely slippery, there are parts of the rocks less slick than other parts. This place gets very crowded on warm days, so be prepare for crowds during the summer months. Grasshopper Point is less busy than Slide Rock. It offers deeper swimming holes and higher cliffs to jump off. You'll find Slide Rock to be much more family-friendly, while Grasshopper Point attracts more teens and young adults.

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