Private Sedona UFO & Vortex Tours

UFO Tour Practicing Social Distancing and Using Clean Night vision Googles:

"Voted BEST 1 day experience in Sedona. Let me show you the true POWER of SEDONA! Sedona is not a city it is a consciousness. The Vortex energy here is the most powerful any where on the planet. I will take you to the most miraculous healing vortex for a guided meditation to meet your Spirit Guides. Sedona NIGHTS are pure magic! Not only will you see a million more stars in our sky. My UFO tour will forever change the way you think of the world around you. I GUARANTEE SIGHTINGS! This 1 day experience can truly be a game changer. Your consciousness will open to coming into more contact with your Star Family. MAKE THIS PART OF YOUR SEDONA JOURNEY

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